How to Prevent Water Damage in Houston

A little moisture in your basement, may be a bit of water under the sink, doesn’t sound too serious, right?  But these, along with stains on your ceiling are signs that you have some real water damage happening in your home.  We’re all aware of what water can do when there is a storm, like the hurricanes to hit Houston last summer, or if a pipe bursts in your kitchen.  It’s the subtle signs of water damage you need to be aware of.  Let’s look at how to prevent water damage in Houston area homes.

How to Prevent Water Damage in Houston

Find the Problem

The kitchen:  Fridges, dishwashers and your sink are the most likely areas where you will get leaks and water damage can happen.  Every once in awhile check for stains, wet spots and softening of the wood under the cabinets.  That will let you know if there are potential problems.

The bathroom:  The bathroom is another area with a lot of plumbing and plenty of potential for leaks.  Check the caulking around your bathtub and make sure it is still in good shape, it isn’t dried out or cracked.  Look under the bathroom sink for leaks as well.  The toilet has plenty of plastic parts that can become damaged because of cleaning products with bleach. Make sure there is no water gathering around the base of your toilet.

The basement and utility room:  Wherever you have your laundry facilities and hot water tanks are another area you need to pay attention to.  Check hoses for cracking or leaks along with around the base of the water tank.  Basements are often damp but you need to make sure that there are no cracks in the foundation of other method of water coming into your home.

Fixing the Leaks

Once you have found the source of the water, then it is time to turn off the water to that area of your home.  Small and easy to reach leaks you can probably fix on your own, if you aren’t comfortable with that call a plumber.  Small leaks turn into big leaks, and leaving water dripping behind your walls or under your floors can lead to permanent damage and mold.  That is the last thing you want.

Sometimes water damage is unavoidable like during Hurricane Harvey, but natural disasters are few and far between.  Most of the time it is everyday leaks and broken pipes that cause water damage and those you can avoid. If you’re looking for the best company that can fix leaks, click here.

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